Format: Specialty Show Genres from Latin America

There are many other kinds of music that have appeal within specific Latin communities in the US or which are part of a particular cultural heritage. Some "crossover" songs may be included in other formats or there may be specific shows on stations for these communities and styles.

"Specialty Shows" are often weekend or off-hours presentations of stations, including non-commercial facilities, and which consist of an hour or two of a particular kind of music which is either of limited appeal or which does not fit in ratings-sensitive commercial formats.
Some of the music forms that are among the kinds of the music which can not be considered to be the base for a separate format are:
Merengue - Dominican Republic and the Caribbean basin
Cumbia - Colombia and many other nations
Vallenato - Colombia
"Rock en Español" - Spanish language rock from Latin America
There are literally dozens and dozens of other music styles and types in Latin America. Few are heard beyond isolated shows on non-commercial radio.
There is an interesting website which details such varieties with a wealth of audio clips:
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Latin American Music Styles
Music from Latin America Occasionally Heard on US Radio
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Cumbia Vallenato and Merengue
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  A few examples of Cumbias, Vallenatos and Merengues are presented here.
other Countries
Vallenato: Carlos Vives - Alicia Adorada
Vallenato: Diomedes Díaz - Caracoles de color
Vallenato: Carlos Vives - Carito
Merengue: Wilfrido Vargas - El Africano
Cumbia: Los Teen Agers - La Cinta Verde
Cumbia: Los Melódicos - Macondo
Cumbia: Los Hispanos - Fantasia Nocturna
Vallenato: Los Diablitos - Los caminos de la vida
Cumbia: Los Corraleros de Majagual - La Burrita
Cumbia: Los Corraleros de Majagual - Festival en Guararé
Merengue: Juan Luis Guerra - Ojalá que llueva café
Vallenato: Jorge Oñate - Nací para quererte
Vallenato: Jorge Oñate - Alicia Adorada
Vallenato: Binomio de Oro - Qué será de mi
Cumbia: Billo's Caracas Boys - El Pájaro Picón
Cumbia: Alfredo Gutiérrez - Fiesta en Corraleja
Cumbia: Aniceto Molina - La Cumbia Sampuezana