Format: Carribbean Tropical / Rhythmic
Caribbean tropical has generally been based on salsa, going back to the 70's and 80's. With changing immigration patterns and demographics, reggaetón, bachata and other rhythmic elements have become part of the format.
Representative Caribbean Tropical Radio Stations
 New York WXNY-FM Tampa WYUU-FM
New York WSKQ-FM Orlando WRUM-FM
Philadelphia WUBA-AM Providence WPMZ-AM
Philadelphia WEMG-AM Providence WKKB-FM
Miami WXDJ-FM Hartford WLAT-AM
Puerto Rico WVJP-FM Hartford WRYM-AM
Puerto Rico WPRM-FM Allentown WHOL-AM
Puerto Rico WZNT-FM Springfield, MA WACM-AM
Nassau-Suffolk WBON-FM Springfield, MA WSPR-AM
Caribbean Tropical Format
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Salsa Merengue Reggaeton Bachata
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This format previously was limited to salsa and merengue with an occasional bachata or cumbia, but now may include reggaetón and other rhythmic options. 
  Victor Manuel ft. Yomo - Mirame
El Gran Combo - Sin salsa no hay paraíso
La India - Estupida
Gilberto Santa Rosa - Vivir sin ti
Huey Dunbar - Te Amaré
Juan Luis Guerra - La guagua
Limi-T 21 - Una despedida
Puerto Rico Power - Tu cariñito
Corporación Latina - Vagabundo
Luis Enrique - Como volver a ser feliz
NG2 - Voy a pintarte
Cortijo - Plena Española
Gilberto Santa Rosa - Déjate querer
Eddie Santiago - Que locura enamorarme de ti
La Selecta - La cuna blanca
El Gran Combo - La Calle Dolor
Frankie Ruiz - Quiero llenarte
El Gran Combo - Vagabundo
El Gran Commbo - Brujería
Lalo Rodríguez - Ven devórame otra vez
Héctor Lavoe - El cantante
Reggaetón Reggaetón has a base in salsa and other Caribbean rhythms, and stations that are tropical in the eastern U.S. usually play a significant amount of this music.
Don Omar & Daddy Yankee - Hasta abajo soy yo
Tony Dize - El Doctorado
Angel & Khriz . Ayer la ví
Héctor Acosta "El Torito" - Me duele la cabeza
J King & Maximan - Cuando, cuando es
Jowell & Randy ft Wisín y Yandel - Loco
Ivy Queen - La Vida es Así
Makano - Te amo
Bachata Bachata is a genre that comes from the Dominican Republic where it developed in the early parts of the 20th Century, being originally called "amargue." In the late 1990's, it became more sophisticated and spread to other parts of Latin America
  Romeo Santos - You
Aventura - Obsesion
Juan Luis Gueerra - Bachata Rosa
Monchy & Alexandra - Hoja en Blanco
Monchy & Alexandra - Perdidos
Prince Royce - Corazon sin Cara
Prince Royce - Stand by Me
other Countries
Depending on the location, there may be some Colombian Vallenato on tropical stations, although the amount is generally very limited. And the Dominican merengue has long been a flavor element in this kind of format.
  Vallenato: Carlos Vives - Alicia Adorada
Vallenato: Diomedes Díaz - Caracoles de colores
Vallenato: Carlos Vives - Carito

Merengue: Wilfrido Vargas - El Africano
Vallenato: Los Diablitos - Los caminos de la vida
Merengue: Juan Luis Guerra - Ojalá que llueva café