Format: Mexican Tropical


Mexican Tropical is a genre that was a popular format in Mexico and a number of places in the U.S. such as Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and others. There is no longer any station with this format in the US.

Today, Mexican Tropical is a flavor in some Regional Mexican and Classic Hits formats. There are no pure Mexican Tropical stations on the air at the moment, but the format is well defined and worth mentioning.

Mexican Tropical is based on the Cumbia. Cumbia is a type of music indigenous to parts of Colombia, but which became popular all over the Americas in the 60's and is still well liked from Argentina to Mexico

Mexican Tropical Format
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The Colombian cumbia is the base for this format. Mexican artists adopted the style back in the 60's and have added special touches, such as the norteña and the grupera style cumbia to the formula. In the US, cumbia may be an element to regional Mexican.
  La Tropa Vallenata - Los Caminos de la Vida
Fito Olivares - La gallina
Los Felinos - Lapiz Labial
Los Mier - Celoso
Sonora Tropicana - Que bello
Rayito Colombiano - Me dediqué a perderte
Rigo Tovar - El Sirenito
Sonora Santanera - La Pollera Colorá

Sonora Santanera - El Nido
Selena - Como la flor