Format: Pop / AC Oldies

This format is in limited use in the U.S, with WIOA in Puerto Rico and, until 2012, WCMQ-FM in Miami being the best examples. The same concept is quite common throughout Latin America, however, so it's being presented here because of its international dimensions.

The content tends to be 70's and 80's pop ballads, by artists ranging from José José to Julio Iglesias. The difference between this format and Mexican Classic Hits is that there is very little Regional Mexican influence on the Pop / AC oldies format, while that music is the base for the Mexican target variant of the Oldies-type format.
A/C Pop Oldies
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Pop & AC
60's to 80's based format limited to pop, ballads and rock 'n' roll songs by artists from Latin America & Spain. The pure pop and AC oldies variant is generally restricted to Puerto Rico and the east coast in the US.
  Julio Iglesias - Rio rebelde
Pandora - Solo el y yo
Mocedades - Eres tu
José Luis Perales - Me llamas
Emmanuel - Con olor a hierba
José Luis Rodríguez - Culpable soy yo
Miguel Gallardo - Muchachita
Roberto Carlos - Un gato en la oscuridad
Víctor Manuel - Solo pienso en ti
Trigo Limpio - Rómpeme Mátame
Sabú - Pequeña y facil
Camilo Sesto - Quieres ser mi amante
Manolo Galván - Te quise te quiero y te querré
Roberto Carlos - Camionero
Rudy La Scala - Por qué será