Format: Tejano

The 2010 Tejano Music Awards Show

Tejano is a music form that evolved, as the name indicates, in the state of Texas.
It is part of the lifestyle of the "Tejano" or Texan of Mexican heritage.

As a radio format, ik is now on only a handful of stations,
but Tejano has been a significant factor in Texas markets in the past.

I find the Wikipedia articles on the music and the culture to be a good start in
understanding this unique music:

Tejano Music  Click   HERE
Tejano Culture Click  HERE

The Tejano format now tends to blend Tejano with norteña and
other styles as a listen to a Tejano station will reveal.
Link to listen to Internet Tejano station:
Tejano Music Format
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Stations This format is on only a handful of stations today with the most significant being KXTN in San Antonio, But Tejano has been a significant factor in Texas markets in the past. It now tends to blend Tejano  with norteña and other styles
Selena - Como la flor
La Mafia - Vida
Selena & Emilio Navaira - Tu robaste mi corazón
Selena - Tu solo tu
Rubén Vela - El coco rayado
Ram Herrera - La bachata Rosa
Eddie González - Por qué
Pete Astudillo - Como te extraño
Michael Salgado - Palomita Blanca
Elida & Avante - Luna llena
Fama - Querer y tu amor
David Lee Garza - Tu boca roja
Bobby Pulido - Ojalá y te animes